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WHY- The Ultimate Question

"Life is a mystery" as the old adage goes. Humans are curious by nature and are full of questions. The most important ones are: "Why are we here?" "What is the point of it all?" Where are we going in life?" "How will I get there?" "When will I understand?"

The 'Why' is the one question which is, humanly speaking, impossible to answer.
We only know..we are only capable of knowing so much.
The final and definite reason to anything and everything therefore lies at the source.
- The reason Why...Jesus Christ.

This site is for the Glory of YHVH and for the furthering of His Kingdom by informing skeptics of the hand-me-down lies they have been taught from the enemy; For fellow Christians who are interested in Apologetics and to provide encouragement, warning and resources for all in these last days until the rapture of the Church, and subsequent 2nd coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Feel free to make use of any information on this site - it is for His glory - freely received, freely given.





 Ultimately, this site is to teach the basics and point seekers to the abundant wealth of knowledge that has been available for a great number of years.

While I do confirm the information here to be truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge- I am still human and so mistakes can occur..

I welcome any corrections- so if you see an error, feel free to contact me at the below e-mail address with references that I may review the information and make the alterations if necessary.
Queries and comments and suggestions are also welcome- provided if they are polite.


The Whyman

Who I am is not important..for I am merely a servant

of the King doing the duty given to all believers in Christ-

"to take the love and the light of Christ out into this dark

and needy world."

My approach may come across as terse or blunt, but make

no mistake by thinking this to be 'hate' as a truly hateful

person wouldn't care less what you did or what you believed

and simply left you to the consequences of your worldview

without warning.

To Contact WHY?Outreach:

Please make your questions direct and to the point;
your suggestions civil and reasonable;
and your comments Godly and respectful, thank you.

I have learned that when it comes to theological issues, there are two* types of unbeliever:

One asks questions in expectant hope of an answer;

The other asks in expectant hope that there is no answer. 

The former geniunely wishes to learn, whilst the latter yearns for any excuse for their disbelief. (no matter how irrational, petty or untrue) 

And so whatever you supply them, no matter how solid and logical the research and evidence is, they will evade it, deny it and attempt to turn it around on you to cause hostility and needless arguments, all for the end goal of not having to admit it.

Therefore those whom are not truly and genuinely wishing answers, instead, wanting to play the 'try to stump the Christian' game without bothering to read (carefully) the contents of this site first need not reply as they will be deleted unanswered.

*There is the '
Socratic method' of questioning, but to date I've not encountered a sceptic that employs this.



Visit the WHY?Outreach Facebook page also: http://www.facebook.com/WHYOutreach


A basic summary of what you'll find here:

As a born-again Bible believing Christian, I cannot and will not compromise my faith so although there will be many who will not like it, I will not change this site to be more "politically correct."

You will find:

* Pictures that I have created, for the Glory of God..for He is a being of aesthetics.

* A page containing free downloadable Gospel tracts and the offer of free tracts custom-made to your specifications.  

* A segment on the difference between religion and Christianity- for yes indeed, there IS a difference.

* A section on whether or not truth is absolute or not- relevant in this ever increasing "P.C." Global village.

* Evidence to show that the Bible although penned by humans, was authored by a superior mind outside of time and space through medical and scientific foreknowledge and prophecy..we shall see if The Bible is really the Word of God.

* A section with many scriptural proofs that Jesus is our God and fulfilled the prophetic requirements of Messiah;

* A couple of articles for challenging and strengthening the Christian's faith by questioning their motives and perspectives...including ideals that just may have their origins with the enemy!

* A couple of articles which challenge the misguided thinking of 'atheists' and evolutionistseg: http://www.conservapedia.com/Atheism  http://www.conservapedia.com/Evolution

* A links page where you can find some of the best Christian Apologetics, cult awareness sites and many other Christian resources on the internet. Highly Recommended.

* Gospel for children tracts resource

* And more...


The First Cause by Dr. Henry Morris.
1st law of thermodynamics - Energy cannot be created or destroyed - The universe had a beginning.

The Law of Cause and Effect - Every material effect must have an adequate antecedent or simultaneous cause:

The first cause of limitless space must be infinite

The first cause of endless time must be eternal 

The first cause of boundless energy must be omnipotent 

The first cause of universal interrelationships must be omnipresent

The first cause of supreme complexity must be omniscient

The first cause of moral values must be moral

The first cause of spiritual values must be spiritual 

The first cause of human responsibility must be volitional

The first cause of integrity must be truthful

The first cause of love must be loving

The first cause of life must be living 

No effect can be greater than its cause, and each effect must have an adequate cause.
Thus, the cause of all these phenomena we see in the universe must be
an infinite, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, moral, spiritual, volitional, truthful, loving and living being.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. -Genesis 1:1

Do you have the one true Gospel?

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