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Contrary to the increasingly popular accusations of some, many of us on the "Christian Right," who are not adherents of the Dominionist, New Apostolic Reformation, Purpose Driven and Emergent Church Movements, are not 'Cultural Nazis' who are passive about the decay of culture such as gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, the assault on God's precepts and values in education, in the judiciary, and in what goes on in the public square, caused by Darwinism and moral relativism.

The assertion that the“Christian Right” are 'Cultural Nazis' (or Fundamentalists- as if this were a bad thing) is an inflammatory ad hominem and without merit. If that were true, what are we, then, to make of Dominionism, which, according to its own agenda, entails the change of society through coercion and manipulation, and even force, as opposed to the biblical directive of the peaceful preaching of the Gospel through reason and persuasion. In all honesty, then, who are the real Cultural Fascists?

It has been accused that: 'Being salt and light in a dark and decaying culture isn't their concern: Let the culture and the Constitution rot, for all they care; they're awaiting the rapture.' This is ignorance of Scripture, discernment ministries and many on the Christian Right, at best, and an utter fabrication, at worst.

The Bible says, "Seek first the Kingdom of God" and "Go ye into the world and make disciples of all nations." Christians who obey the above commands (to teach about sin, repentance and salvation) come under the Dominionist's verbal assault with claims that they do not care about the prevailing cultural and constitutional rot. In fact, it is an eisegetical overreach by asserting that we must show we care about the prevailing social ills by participating in their remedy, not realizing that we already do this since the root cause is always sin. Participating in cultural change aside from preaching the true Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) is an example of a 'social gospel' which is the agenda of the Dominionist and the Emergent Church Movements such as the P.E.A.C.E. plan of Rick Warren. They seem to be averse to the idea of Jesus' literal return to establish a kingdom by His rule and culture, as taught in Scripture, and vehemently attack anyone who teaches this.

Contrary to the beliefs of Dominionists, the New Apostolic Reformation, and their ilk, it is Christ who will set up His own Kingdom with a new culture based on His character. We cannot change culture by engaging in a war on the public square unless we impart the message of sin and salvation in the death and resurrection of Christ, which is the Gospel message. By teaching the Gospel message, we can address the root of the problems of society, which is sin, and individuals can then repent of their sin, which in turn leads to changed lives, and this results in cultural change. However, what The Purpose Driven Paradigm at its core is advocating is treating the symptoms through engaging in a cultural revolution, and ignoring the cause, that is sin. Apart from attaching a Jesus-label on it, how is this different from the humanist or naturalist approach to addressing the problems of society?

Therefore, cultural change begins through the transformational power of the Holy Spirit in the repentant individual.
Last, but not least, the assessment that those of us opposed to The Purpose Driven/Emergent/Kingdom Now paradigm are "legalists" rings hollow and smacks of, not just irony, but also, hypocrisy. For consider the Dominionists' aim, which is to establish the Kingdom of God through their own efforts as opposed to the Grace of God bought for us by the blood of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Indeed, the Bible doesn't teach us to engage in cultural imperialism and world domination as Dominionists like Rick Warren, Janet Porter, Charles Colson, Brian McLaren and Rick Joyner appear to pride themselves for doing. The Bible does, however, teach that a special crown awaits those who look forward to Christ's return. In light of this, it is a better preoccupation to invest some of our time in the latter - and this includes "waiting for the rapture" (Titus 2:13). Yet, the implication that we are resting on our eternal laurels "awaiting the rapture" is, mere histrionic that has no basis in reality. Excluding the cultists, most Bible-believing Christians are not all sitting on their laurels on some remote mountain in the Himalayas waiting for the Lord to snatch them away: indeed, it has been documented that many Christians who adhere to the imminence of the Coming of Jesus are more likely to be invested in people's souls and eternal destiny, especially among the Jewish people, making the Great Commission a priority in their lives. So let us please dispense with the fallacious strawmen that only result in further misinformation, fracturing and division within the body of Christ, which is precisely what the enemy wants.

It isn't uncommon for dominionists to (erroneously) claim that "we are so heavenly minded, that we are of no earthly worth" - but even if this were true, it would be preferable than to be so worldly minded than to be of no heavenly worth; it's something worth pondering.

Read/download a free e-book exposing, in great detail, the dangerous errors and heresies of the Emergent Paradigm popularised by Rick Warren and his ilk, here